• Simon

What is the work being carried out in the Port?

Just in case you hadn't noticed it - this is what is happening in the Port.................starting in the tourist season...........when parking is at a premium........

The project on the land area of ​​the new port Patitiri Alonnisos is:

a) repair the existing ramp and

b) the surface configuration with stamped concrete access road to the mooring point for merchant ships.

To repair the existing ramp:

Lowering of parts with great wear and inlet portion of the square. Handling and transportation of launching products. Peripheral formwork and placing mesh. Concreting the new slope.

For configuration of access road:

Adjustment and raise the level of existing wells stormwater.Subbase construction of reinforced concrete in two equal width sections.After the concreting of the second - the upper portion, the surface is made stamped floor.The design and color of stamped concrete, will be done by the developer.


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