Panagia Celebration

Panagia is the name given to the Virgin Mary who is revered in the Greek Orthodox church as the mother of Christ.  The term Panagia relates to the fact that the Virgin Mary is seen to be above all other saints.  The celebration on August 15th in the Greek Orthodox calendar commemorates the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.  In the Catholic and other churches this day is known as the Ascension or the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  


Posters are put up around Patitiri and religious services are held on Alonissos in various churches in the Old Village during the few days before Panagia and a wreath laying ceremony is performed at the war memorial in Plateia Iroon in the Upper Old Village around 11am on the day of Panagia, to remember the 9 Greek islanders who were killed on the site of the war memorial on the day of Panagia in 1944.

During the evening there is a re-creation of a traditional Alonissos wedding from around 7pm with the participants wearing traditional dress.  From around 9pm a band starts to play and the wedding party dance in the plateia outside Taverna Panselinos.  Drinks are available and you can buy freshly cooked goat and spaghetti to eat under the pine trees to the sounds of music playing and people dancing.  The festivities continue until the early hours of the morning.