Ferry and Catamaran Tickets


Many Ferry companies now offer online bookings with Hellenic Seaways offering printable or downloadable tickets to mobile devices.  Please be aware, especially in the winter months. of potential for delays tickets tickets are now transferable and can be made into open tickets.  There are certain conditions and restrictions that apply, so check at the local booking agent.

For other Ferry Companies you can now book tickets online and collect them at a designated booking agent at the port from which you are travelling.  Except around holiday dates there is not normally a problem with seat availability and we find that booking tickets on the day means you can often leave your luggage in the agents office if you want to wander off to shop or eat before the departure.  However in the tourist high season it is prudent to have tickets booked early, especially if you are leaving the island and flying back to the UK on the same day.  Book your return tickets in Patitiri shortly after you arrive as it is easier to sort out problems with weather related delays with the same booking agent who will also know what departures are available.


Other Ferry Companies which offer transport to the Island are


If you wish to find your Ferry as it travels to and from the Island, Marine Traffic is usually updated as it is under sail. Vessel Finder is also available and operates on a similar basis


There are two problems that have cropped up in recent years on Alonissos in the summer months:

  1. Block booking during the summer by holiday company agents has meant that independent travellers have been told they cannot have tickets and to come back 1 - 2 days before the departure date with no guarantee of a ticket.


  2. Independent travellers from Alonissos to Skiathos have been refused tickets to Skiathos and told that they would have to buy tickets to Volos or Agios Konstantinos which means that they are paying twice the price for the ticket

An alternative for the return journey from Agios Konstantinos to Athens is the Alkyon Travel private bus which departs from the quayside near where the Catamaran docks.  Buy a ticket for the bus with your Catamaran ticket any of the travel agents under the in Patitiri on Alonissos.  This bus is convenient because you don't have to walk along to the KTEL office dragging your cases and the bus departs as soon as all the passengers and luggage have been loaded onto the bus.  There is always a second vehicle if there are too many passengers or too much luggage for the main bus, so you are guaranteed a seat. Note:  The bus ticket goes with the hydrofoil sailing on that day and cannot be purchased separately.

The bus makes the same comfort stop as the KTEL bus at Cafeteria 90 so you can get off for 15 mins to stretch your legs, have a fag, go to the loo or get some food and drink.  You need to pay for what you want first and then take the till receipt to the counter.  This ensures you have paid whether or not you collect your goodies.  The departure of the bus is not always announced, so be careful to watch the bus driver or some of the Greek passengers so you don't get left behind.

The bus goes down the E75 road and turns off at North Athens and heads along Arharnon Street down to Kanigos Square in Athens, which is north of Omonia Square and an arsehole of a place to get a taxi as experience has shown us that it is almost impossible to get a taxi to stop if you have any large luggage.  To get to Omonia Square stand with the coach behind you and walk straight ahead along Veranzerou Street.  At the main road, 28th October Street ,go across at the lights and turn left, then walk along the road a short distance and turn right into a pedestrian area called Satouriandon Street.  At the main road, 3rd September Street, cross over at the lights and turn left and about 100 metres away is Omonia Square.

As you arrive from 3rd September Street the metro entrance is on your right where you can book tickets straight to the airport or if you have time take the train to Monastiraki station in Athens and across from the station is Cafe Metro.  Eat and shop around Pandrossou and Ifestou streets then take the metro from Monastiraki station to the airport.

If you need a bus from Volos or Mantoudi to Athens for Thessoniliki then book your tickets on this website KTEL buses