Water supply for Alonissos

A series of projects have been submitted by the municipality of Alonissos to the "Philodemos" program, mainly replacing the internal water supply network, which has a budget of 3.2 million euros.

The island's internal water supply network is old and made of asbestos pipes. The municipal authority has thus submitted the project study, which has been approved and incorporated into the program.

The replacement of the network concerns all the settlements of the island, Patitiri, Votsi, Roussoum, Alonissos country.

This is a mature water project to be signed by the Depositary Fund. Project necessary for the area as the existing network has many problems.

"We lose 60% - 70% of the water due to leaks," says Petros Vafini, the island's mayor. During peak seasons the water reserves are significantly reduced and Alonissos Municipal Sewerage Company distributes water every second day due to losses.

Alonissos municipality has previously carried out water supply interventions.

"However, the Philodemus program is the first financial tool to replace the networks. It is very important for Municipalities, ”says Mr. Vafinis.

The municipality of Alonissos built a transmission network from the central reservoir to the new settlement three years ago with external pipelines, a project that was budgeted at 120,000 euros.

But there were no calls to include a replacement water supply in the program. It is now awaiting the decisions of the interior ministry.

"We are waiting to see what happens next with the program," the mayor says, whether or not it will be approved and how it will proceed.

In the same program, the municipality of Alonissos submitted proposals for the procurement of project equipment, construction of three new playgrounds, fire safety studies for schools, construction of ramps for the disabled, construction of auxiliary areas for sports facilities.

In addition, the Alonissos Port Fund has submitted a proposal for funding studies related to port projects.

“There are too many projects waiting. At the same time we are waiting for the approval of the budget of the Municipality so that we can proceed with our own actions, participate in tourism fairs, implement small projects, get commissions, ”he adds.


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