Volos to Northern Sporades price rise

Passengers traveling from Volos to North Sporades and vice versa will pay more in the coming days. The new year brings increases in passenger and vehicle ticket prices. The increase is caused by the burden, which brings to the shipping companies the cost of the new shipping fuel, used from 1 January 2020 pursuant to the relevant International Maritime Organization regulation.

The new marine fuel contains reduced sulfur content and the aim of the new regulation which requires its use is to reduce air pollution and therefore health protection.

Ferry administrations, however, are talking about a 25% burden, part of which, around 7% to 10%, is expected to pass on to the passenger. Even though traffic is reduced in winter, ferry increases will apply immediately and specifically in the next few days to limit the damage caused by the use of new fuel.

According to Volos maritime agent Gerasimos Katsouris, the increase in ticket prices is expected to take effect from January 9th, and will affect both passengers and vehicles and trucks traveling from the city port to North Sporades.

The increase will be around one euro in passenger tickets, about 5 euros in cars and ten euros in trucks.

For example, if a passenger wishes to travel by Express Skiathos from Volos to Skiathos he will pay 26 euros out of 25 euros he pays today. For Skopelos and Alonissos respectively, it will pay 31.5 euros out of the 30 euros it pays today.

The biggest increase will be for IX cars. From € 79 the price will go up to € 84 to Skiathos and from € 85 to € 89.5 to Skopelos and Alonissos.

The increase in lorries will be around 10 euros, which will make shipping even more expensive for island Magnesia.

"The increases are not large and a passenger can benefit from discount programs running either through offers from a mobile operator or through the ferry company itself with a bonus miles card. With this card there is a 30% permanent discount on ferry services and up to 50% on specific passenger days, ”says Katsouris.


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