• Simon

The Wild West comes to Alonissos!

There has been a Wild West type of a fight between two foreigners in Alonissos, one a female almost had a tragic ending with hammers being used in the fight. On the morning of Saturday 8th June a 37-year old Egyptian and one Albanian, aged 34 years, who worked together on the island caused grievous bodily harm to each other. The building where the two workers were was turned into a battlefield.

The violent incident disrupted the local community on Alonnisos. The Police initially proceeded to arrest them, but given that both bore head injuries they were in need of immediate hospitalization. So they were evacuated to Volos by speedboat. In between was a brief stop at Skopelos, where a physician from the island's Health Centre boarded and accompanied them to the port of Volos, where they were transferred to the ambulance to the hospital for first aid.

The two arrested were released by the Prosecutor, while late last night remained hospitalized in the ED Surgery.


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