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Rainwater Drainage Networks in Patitiri and Votsi to be Built

The Municipality of Alonissos is to be funded by the Interior Ministry to construct rainwater sewerage networks in Patitiri, Votsi with a total budget of 491,724.13 euros. Specifically, the task comprises a pipeline of one kilometer.

In many parts of the villages there have been marked subsidence, resulting in basins, which collect stagnant rainwater in times of heavy rain. Moreover during the rains because of steep streets, "streams" are created, which cause damage to properties bordering.

The problem is particularly acute, thereby creating problematic situations to residents because of the disaster to their property, but also create risks to public health and the aesthetics of the settlements.

The construction of the pipeline will ensure the removal of water and placing them into the existing storm drains and stream, with a final destination of the sea and the stream passing west of Votsi village.

The study for the project has been prepared in 2013 by Mrs. Claus Iosifidi. Currently the budget is updated due to a change in the VAT rate from 16% to 24%. According to the study, the proposed project includes the construction of interior sewer in the Patitiri village area, which will ensure the drainage of rainwater, collected in the area of the settlement. The pipeline will contribute to the existing drain rainwater, with a final recipient the sea, south of the settlement


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