Please help with some local information

I sit here looking through various websites looking for information about Alonissos and to be fair....there is quite a lot..........every now and again.

There's a lot of stuff going on on the Island.........all year, not just the summer. I think you'd be surprised who's interested in what goes on out of season.

So here's a little request from anyone who has anything you think anyone would be remotely interested in about Alonissos.

Long sentence?

Please help.

I want to be able to keep this website going. Yes I know we had a little time off line but now the site is hosted properly I'm sure we won't have that problem again. To be honest, even without any donations I can keep it going for the next year.

But if all I'm doing is reporting someone else's news..........why bother?

I would deeply love to carry on, and I will do what I'm doing now until someone tells me to stop.

So please could you interact, don't just like. If you visit the site, or the facebook page comment on it. Let's start some conversations.

Let's have a conversation.......tell us about your'll never be I lied...........some of it will...........but we'll still put it on!

Let's have a laugh, cry, spread the word.....whatever it takes. Keep the site going.

Come on I dare you!


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