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New distinction for seismograph for Alonissos School

For second time Alonissos School participated this year in the nationwide student competition "Create your own seismograph", in collaboration with the Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens and the Institute for Educational Policy (I.E.P.).

The competition involved a total of 44 school groups with the participation of dozens of students and teachers from schools across the country. The student team of Lyceum Alonissos, consisting of students of high school Chris Malamatenia, Uro Mamuris, Marilena Kastani and Amanda Kriemadi, led by physics professor Dimitris Mamuris school, built a seismograph based on the induction phenomenon. Main features of the seismograph to record vibrations, store the data, sends the data wirelessly to a distance from the computer, and its small size. This is a seismograph that can be mounted in a remote location with little power to send data for a long time. It can be used to study vibrational structures.

Evaluation of 44 operations carried out by the Scientific Committee, which considered the quality, scientific accuracy, understanding of civil protection etc. Eventually selected for awards the ten best works. As with the 2017, the Alonnisou group were within those distinguished.

The award for the groups was at Technopolis in Gazi, within the Festival Science Athens on Friday, April 5th. Students of Alonissos school presented their work and explained the function of the seismograph in the presence of seismologists.

After the award they had the opportunity to tour the festival sites and see innovative creations.

"Students, when they decide they can achieve things beyond their age, something that expands their horizons and gives them great satisfaction. So it is worth their support to such projects. Congratulations! "Said their teacher Dimitris Mamuris .


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