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More Care for the Elderly on Alonissos

To enhance the care of older people and create new jobs, the municipality of Alonissos has acted on the new amendment passed yesterday in the Greek Parliament and refers to the small island municipalities to staff in the program "Help at Home" and cover vacancies. The program started in Alonissos in 2003, staffed by three employees. For retirement and voluntary redundancy reasons, the program ended in 2014. Under these conditions, and even the "heart" of national crisis, the Municipality of Alonissos repeatedly called for the replacement of vacancies of permanent staff, but unfortunately, with no result.

It is worth mentioning that the Alonissos Mayor Peter Vafinis, accompanied by MP Alexander Meikopoulo, held a meeting with Interior Minister Haritsis on December 4, 2018, which informed him of the necessity of the cover and the other two vacancies, so as to enable the program to provide the necessary services. The new circular from the Interior Ministry on 11.01.2019, however, provided for the establishment of project workers, working up to that date, which meant that for the Municipality of Alonissos provision concerned only one employee. For this reason, following repeated telephone communications between the Mayor and the Ministry asking for two extra staff.

The Minister endorsed the request of Mayor and proceeded in this amendment, giving a big "breath" in the quality and quantity of the services required and helping to reduce unemployment on the island and upgrade the protection and welfare of Senior Citizens. "Through significant projects, the Municipal Authority proves daily that is next to the citizen and vulnerable groups to solve chronic problems that have to do with the daily life of our fellow human beings," said Alonissos Mayor Peter Vafinis which initiates new actions for the near future, with a focus on improving the residents' quality of life.


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