Mayor of Alonissos on the radio talks about joint working and recycling

Speaking to Radio ENA 102.5, Alonissos Mayor Petros Vafinis emphasised that for the first time the municipal councils three islands met to discuss and convene decisions on specific issues facing Skiathos and Skopelos and Alonissos.

The first issue was that of the change in control of port funds, that is to say, reaching the central state to which the islanders are opposed to.

Another key requirement was the establishment of a regional authority for the Sporades, so that problems could be solved quickly.

The third issue at the meeting was the comprehensive approach to recycling. At the moment, Alonissos, as Mr Vafinis noted, has a problem with implementing a recycling plan, but cannot transfer recyclable material to Magnesia.

The fourth topic of discussion was the staffing of services, both primary and public, with health and education at the center. Mr Vafinis stressed that officials, doctors and teachers should be encouraged to strengthen the islands.

Finally, the topic of discussion was the connectivity of the islands and the joint participation and sharing of expenses in tourism promotion activities, exhibitions etc, for the benefit of all Sporades.

"This joint meeting has shown that the Sporadians can discuss, decide and claim what belongs to them," Mr Vafinis said characteristically, noting that the mayors of the islands will launch meetings in the Ministries to implement the decisions. that they took to deal with their common problems.

Ed Comment:-

This sounds really promising and can only be good for all three Islands. Of greater concern is the inability for Alonissos to recycle. Heres to some positive meetings, talking about it is all well and good but it needs some action at the end of it. Hopefully these meetings will have some teeth!


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