It'll never take off.....................seaplanes for Alonissos believe it when you see it!

Another player has been added to the promising seaplane market, while both Skopelos and Alonissos are targeting entrepreneurs. The reason for the mple Water Airports company that is active in leasing, establishing, licensing and operating waterways.

The company, with its chairman and chief executive officer Evangelos Zagorakis, recently completed the construction of the Patmos waterway, which is an investment of around 150,000 euros and was funded with own resources. It is the first private waterway in Greece pending authorization (because, inter alia, the members of the competent water inspection committee have not been designated by decision) and has been implemented under Law 4568. Patmos Waterway it is expected to join the network planned by the Southern Aegean Region, led by G. Chatzimarkos.

According to Mr. Zagorakis at, the water infrastructure that belongs to the Patmos IKE waterway company, after the expiration of the ten-year concession, will be transferred to the Patmos Municipal Port Authority, with the company remaining responsible for its operation. . Mple Water Airports plans to build and operate other waterways, with Skopelos and Alonissos leading the way. In collaboration with Hellenic Seaplanes, it is also launching the construction and operation of the Tinos waterway.

According to mple Water Airports, the prospects for the seaplane and waterway market are significant. Greece with 1,400 islands, a coastline of 13,676 kilometers, a population of 11 million and 17.5 million tourists annually, does not have a seaplane network. In contrast, 44 seaplanes operate in the Maldives with 1,190 islands and 644 kilometers of coastline. In addition to the newly established mple Water Airports, Eagle Seaplanes has been active in the seaplane market, and Hellenic Airlines has been operating for years with Actor Facility Management and Hellenic Seaplanes with founder Nicolas Charalambous.


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