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How do you Know That you are Safe Online

Are you concerned that you may be vulnerable to fraud on the Internet? Or are you worried and concerned that your personal details may be stolen and used in Crime?

It is our intention here at the Chronicle to write a series of articles demystifying the myths of the internet, social media and other digital media that, if not used correctly, may offer criminals an opportunity to take your money or your personal data.

We have access here at the Chronicle to expertise in the Digital Media and Cybercrime arena and wanted to pass on simplified tips to keeping yourself safe online.

We will start off with Facebook, everyone should have the right to keep in touch, make new friends and share news, events and important information. Keeping safe doesn't mean that you have to close down your account. Using social media wisely is the way forward.

Over the next few days we will share with you some useful tips and show you what to avoid.

Firstly you need to check your settings. When you look at your settings you need to think....."Who would I let into the front door of my house?" By inviting someone into your facebook world you are letting them in to a great part of your life.

Before we start these articles firstly I would like you to do some checks on yourself, every trip to the internet or social media leaves a trace, like a footprint. So what does your digital footprint look like?

An easy step to take is to put your name into Google, see what results you get.

Next step search your address in Google.

Next step search your email address(s) in Google.

Next Step search your home Landline telephone number(s) in Google.

Next Step check your mobile telephone numbers in Google.

Then we go on to another step, go to the Pipl.com website and do the same thing.



Email Address(s)

Home Phone(s)

Mobile Phone(s)

Are you shocked? If you have no results then you are mega safe!!!!!!

The next article will include Facebook security.

If you have any any specific concerns before that please contact us.


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