Good news for visitors this year to Alonissos

The Municipality of Alonissos is expected to make a significant improvement in the public transport that will operate the Patitiri - Old Alonnissos - Patitiri - Steni Vala route.The new 37-seat bus plus driver is a new generation, eco-friendly, non-polluting and meets all modern standards.

In addition, it is noted the significant opportunity it provides for the movement and access of disabled people with a dedicated ramp.

"With this market, one of the Municipal Authority's commitments to modernize the public transport is being implemented, while strengthening the Municipality's development strategy with the aim of improving accessibility for people with disabilities and protecting the environment.

After all, the timely initiative of the City Council in pan-Hellenic years ago to abolish the plastic bag, the recycling activities and the inclusion of the Municipality in an innovative program for the development of accessible beaches for people with disabilities in Glifa and Milia, confirm this. Alonissos Mayor Petros Vafinis said about the action.

In order to further improve the conditions of transport, it is worth mentioning that the Municipality of Alonissos has submitted a 20,000 Euro Technical Bulletin to the Philodemos program, which has already been approved for the construction of Municipal Transport Stations.


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