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Get your Property Registered - deadline is 12th September 2019

Greece is one of the few countries in Europa without a finalized land registry operation. The Greek government is trying, in various areas, to have land and house owners collect their property papers and have their property officially registered and land marked.

The deadline for registering your property is the 12th of September 2019 (there might be an extension but this is not for sure)

The papers that you need to submit are: *a copy of the deed of the property *a copy of your identity papers (if there are two or more owners of a property you need copies of all the identity papers of those owners) * your Greek VAT number *A topography of the property with GPS coordinates. It is no problem if this is an older topography, as long as it has the GPS coordinates *The last paper is a paper from the land registry office which states that the property is signed over in your hands. It is usually the last paper of the deed. From this paper you need a copy too. If you cannot find it you need to go to the land registry office which is on the ring road below the elementary school. The office is behind the notary there.

Courtesy of Skopolos News read the full article here


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