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Fraudster hits Alonissos

An unknown perpetrator, who pretended to be a resident of the island, cheated three hoteliers with fake money transfers, allegedly booking rooms totalling 12,000 euros.

It all started last month, when the scammer started calling on the pretext of making a reservation in the name of a well-known businessman.

However, the unknown man who telephoned them from a cellphone and pretended to be a person in their wider social environment was just a scammer. Unfortunately, when it came to finding out it was already too late.

The scammer sent false money transfer details to the hoteliers which was an amount over the 12,000 euros agreed. He then rang them saying he had made a mistake and could they send him the amount overpaid. You might be able to guess the rest but some hoteliers did send the money to him..............Only to find the next day that no money transfers had actually taken place.......... the scammer was nowhere to be seen.

It sounds like the police in Alonissos are investigating.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Keep em peeled!


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