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Flights From Volos Airport Start on April 14th 2019

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

The first flights from Volos airport start from Saturday, April 14 2019.

Dutch/French Company Transavia, with direct flights to Paris will start from April 27th until September 29th. They will also operate flights from Amsterdam via Cephalonia, which will continue until June 29 and will repeated from September 7th to October 5th

On Saturday April 28th Condor flights will start on the route Munich - N. Anchialos, which will run until October 27th

TUI fly on flight Vryxeles- N. Agchialos until October 13. From 9 May to 10 October will be running every Wednesday. They will also fly from Brussels to N. Aghialos via Kavala,

While from May 18 until October 19 the London routes start - N. Agchialos through Skiathos with Enter air.

Finally, on June 30 until October 1 start of the London routes - N. Agchialos from Easy Jet Wednesdays and Saturdays

From July 16 to October 1 there is a route to Tel Aviv - N. Agchialos from TUS AIR every Monday and Friday.


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