• Simon

Beach Cleaning this Sunday

After a couple of years when the annual beach clean has not really happened, it is now organised for this Sunday 7th April.

We will meet outside the Dimos at 10am where black bags, gloves etc will be available and we can allocate teams to various beaches that have been inspected to see how many people are needed. If you want to go straight to a beach ( I know Megalos Mortias is popular! ), could  you send someone to the Dimos to let us know and pick up supplies.

Quite a few volunteers are arranged, including from both schools and the scouts, and the expats normally play an important part in this community activity. The Dimos team knows  that a lot of cleaning up is needed on the island before the tourist season starts, and that everyone who can is keen to help but one morning is not enough so there may be some more to do after Sunday.


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