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Be Secure on facebook - Who can See Your Stuff?

With all the horror stories relating to privacy and Facebook don't be worried. Facebook do have excellent security settings for your account, the important thing to remember though is that it is up to you to set them. So get to know where security settings is on your facebook page. Next to the ? on the top of your facebook page is a downward pointing arrow, press it. In the dropdown menu go to settings, press it. On the left hand side menu bar go to Privacy, press it.

Simple so far?

Now you will see at the top in your activity who can see my future posts, press edit , ideally you need to select friends ..............but only if you have reviewed your friends list and you know that they are your friends. Now might be a good time to get rid of the people on your friends list that you have forgotten, don't know or are unsure of their identity.

Press on the box with the downward arrow you have various choices, press friends and only they will be able to see your posts. You do have choices, these are fairly self explanatory in this menu.

Public means that anyone can see it

Friends only your friends can see it

You can exclude certain friends if you want

Only you can see them

Only specific friends can see them.


Dont forget that every post you put on you can also use the above list just for a specific post.

Hope this helps


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