Are you planning a trip to Alonissos - please consider Covid 19 restrictions

I know there are people in the UK and elsewhere in the world who own houses on Alonissos. I myself and stuck working from home in England while we try to adhere to the guidelines laid down by Government.

So please, if you can, stay in your home country until it's deemed safe to travel abroad.

I don't think Alonissos could cope with an influx of visitors who may or may not be carrying the virus. Remember how difficult it will be to get medical attention if you need it.

Also have some thought for the local people who need the resources available to them to cope.

So the message is......let Alonissos deal with this with the people that are already there. Don't add to their burden.

To those on the Island, stay safe, stay warm, wash your hands! Most of all stay healthy if you can.

To those in the UK, Vera Lynn is coming out of retirement, ration books for toilet roll, baked beans and pasta are just around the corner we are at war with a virus.

I blame Brexit.