Alonissos to attract your tourism this year from emerging markets

The promotion strategy to be implemented this year by the Municipality of Alonissos was decided at the Municipal Council meeting and will move in four directions, such as

extending the tourist season,

expanding the average stay per visitor by increasing overnight stays,

increasing arrivals and enhancing arrivals (repeaters).

The above directions are related to the planning and launching of actions based on the following tactics:

Share Maintenance and Maintain Forces in Interest Markets Already the brand name "Alonnisos" is more familiar and well established such as Greece, Great Britain, Scandinavia (Sweden), Netherlands, Italy, etc.

Penetration and expansion into new markets that are promising and have the potential to help achieve the above-mentioned parameters, namely arrivals - lengthening the period - expanding residence - repeatability.

The examples of Romania, Israel, Scandinavia, Cyprus, France and the Balkans, as well as the Baltic countries, are representative examples.

The highlight is the highlight of the new tourism product that enriches the "quay" of Alonissos, the Peristera Shipwreck, Greece's first underwater museum.

Alonissos will participate in 14 exhibitions and focus on the Israeli market and will participate in the Tel Aviv IMTM exhibition. It is Israel's largest tourism fair, an emerging tourism market and is estimated to have more than 5,000 Israeli visitors traveling to Thessaly.


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