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Weather Update

Wednesday expected snowfall in the mountainous and semi-mountainous central and northern country and in the plains of Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace. While rain will fall in the rest of the country, while sporadic storms will initially occur in the Ionian and the afternoon at sea and in coastal areas.

The phenomena will start from the first hours of the day and from the northwest and to the afternoon will be extended to the rest of the country. From noon to Epirus, the western mainland and the Peloponnese is locally strong.

Frost will occur until the early hours in the central and northern mountainous and hilly, and in the lowlands of northern country. The winds will blow from the south addresses and seas will arrive by noon the 8-9 Beaufort.

Attica expected rains noon and Parnitha snow and Kitheronas, while there is a high probability event storms in the afternoon. In Thessaloniki there will be snow by morning.

Thursday expected rains mainly in the west and north of the mainland, the Ionian Sea and the Eastern and Southern Aegean and sporadic storms will occur on Sea, East and South Sea and coastal areas for them. Snowfall will occur mainly in the north and west mountainous and hilly and in places in the lowlands of northern country. Frost will occur in the central highlands, the northern mountainous and hilly and in parts of Macedonia at low altitude. Winds in the seas will weaken in the afternoon.

Improved will be the Cairo Paraskefi , so apparently will be limited mainly to the west and the mainland will weaken. Winds in the seas will not exceed 5-6 Beaufort, but the temperature will show further significant decline.


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