• Simon

Keep em Peeled

Although we want to keep the content of this website light hearted we do really need to report on things that will effect the community of the island.

Controlled drugs are the scourge of the world, Alonissos is no different and to bring that to life at the end of October a 51 year old man was arrested in Patitiri in possession of 5.2 grams of heroin and 1.5 grams of cocaine. Street value in the UK £250 for the cocaine and £150 for the heroin, obviously this wasn't personal use.

Just be mindful that this is the type of crime that can impact on us all, experience and analysis shows us that this type of crime can lead to theft and burglary so keep em peeled and lock up when you can........just in case.

We still live in a low crime region of the world but what we also have to look at is that getting the proper crime figures for any Greek island is difficult when tourism marketing is essential not only to the island communities but Greece as a whole.

Don't lose sleep over it but if we are aware of the problem we can help eradicate it.


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