• Simon

Gender Equality Initiative

Good news, this is a great initiative for improving gender equality, may be a little late but a positive step forward.

This initiative to promote Gender Equality in alliance with the local authorities. This objective is included in the forthcoming bill on gender equality and combating gender violence which will be introduced in the immediate future in Parliament

It calls for the mandatory establishment of Municipal and Regional Equality Committees as local institutions promoting women's equality policies and support within local communities. Specifically, the Cooperation Agreement opens the possibility for state agencies to make joint actions in four areas:

1. train officers and volunteers in equality issues and gender-based violence,

2. the creation of their new consulting services, under the supervision of Municipal Gender Equality Commissions,

3. the establishment of working groups to seek funding for the development and implementation of equality programs and

4. promote female entrepreneurship in the Municipal Committees for Gender Equality to address bureaucracy, training, exposure female KOINSEP products (Social Cooperative Enterprises) in untapped municipal property.


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