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Discount on Ferry Fares - It Must be worth it!

As from January 7th 2019 Alonissos residents can claim transportation discounts as part of the government’s “transport equivalent” measure.

The shipping ministry said it was using the experience gained through a pilot program to now extend the scheme to all island communities in Greece, inviting residents, to register online at www.metaforikoisodynamo.gr in order to be assigned a special islander code which they will present to ferry agencies when purchasing their tickets and will at the end of each month receive in their bank account a tax detectable discount

Applicants need only to register once and should submit TAXIS codes, personal data and IBAN number in order for the discounts to be deposited.

The same applies as of January 7, to businesses for costs involving the transport of goods to and from the islands.

In order to be eligible for the discounts, companies must retain a record of the relevant documents – bill of lading, invoices and professional vehicle fares (in the case of own transportation).

It would be great if you have already done this to comment on it, what are the discounts? How easy is it?


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