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Animal Aid on Alonissos

Since the animal charity ASAP closed over a year ago, a small number of us have remained actively involved in animal care on the island.

We are lucky to have the support of the local council who provide some food for the feeding stations over the winter. They also fund fifty neuters each year.

Our vets Dimitris and Nicky give us a lot of support and their clinic on the island and 24/7  telephone support means that all owned animals have access to professional care. When they are not on the island we respond to calls for first aid.

We are asked to look into cases of animal cruelty and neglect and have successfully resolved several situations.

Raising money to help with feeding costs and neutering continues to be a priority and we are incredibly grateful to the Healey family, the island's fundraising group and all the donations from summer visitors.

This year we will produce a calendar and all the money raised will go straight towards animal care. If you are in the Old Village this summer look out for Reneé whose help in selling the calendars is tremendous and much appreciated!

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